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    + With the continuous business development of Wuxi Best, more and more talents are needed. We regard employees as the company&rsquos the most valuable assets. We are willing to absorb the world&rsquos best and promising talents as well as hope each and every staff in the company to be a good development. To provide a broad space for development is our commitment to employees. You are welcome to grow with the development of Wuxi Best.
    Job No. of Vacancy Location Pay(RMB) Date released
    Translator 1 Wuxi 2000 2009-5-15
    Quality supervisor 1 Wuxi 3000 2009-5-15
    CMM Inspector 2 Wuxi 2000 2009-5-15
    Administrator of equipment maintenance 1 Wuxi 2000 2009-5-15
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    Email:[email protected]

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